In order to stimulate the start-ups and the spirit of entrepreneurship in Lake Geneva region, Forum EPFL organizes on May 17th 2017 the 2nd edition of the Innovation Night

Bachelor, Master and PhD students from Forum EPFL are invited.

Registration here.



You don’t need to have a start-up idea to participate !


Innovation Night will start at 18:00 in auditorium SG1 with a “Start-Up Success Story” conference and the introduction of your coaches, experts and jurys.

At 19:00 during a short apéritif, you will have the opportunity to form groups of 5 people, according to your affinities and the workshop you want to participate in. If you already have your team you can register together!

You can choose between three different 1 hour workshops:


1. Shared Brain Session


Do you want to tackle a real challenge ?

Do you want to help entrepreneurs overcome real life difficulties, and have an opportunity to meet them ?

Do you want to get a startup idea ?


Choose a real life challenge from a list and develop your own solution  


Choose a start-up and help them overcome their obstacles !


2. Brand your Idea


Do you already have an idea and want to get noticed ?

Do you want to learn more about marketing strategy, distribution network and product positionning ?

Do you want to learn how to distinguish from competitors ?

Do you want to create your brand around your own values ?


Choose an idea from our list or come with your own and learn how to build and boost your brand !


3. Plan your Business


Do you have your idea, you have your team but don’t have the money to kick it up ?

Don’t you have an idea but want to know more about business plans ?

Do you want to consolidate your business model and adapt it to your product ?

When will you break even and start generating revenues ?


Choose an idea from our list or come with your own and learn how to give your start-up the strategy kick !



Whether you came with your idea or just developed one….
You’ll have 25 minutes to prepare your pitch & 3 minutes to sell it to the jury !



Come to share and confront ideas towards a better shaped future!