In 2013, the Forum EPFL became one of the first events of its kind to be ISO 9’001 certified in Europe.

Following an SQS (Swiss Association for Quality Systems) audit, we have been granted this certification body recognized worlwide, thus acknowledging the quality of the organisation of the event.

Its process of quality management can meet the growing demands of companies by optimizing the transmission of knowhow from year to year.

Therefore, the ISO 9’001 garantees the professionalism of the Forum EPFL

Everybody realizes that he has an environmental impact but also the power to change things.

The project Green Forum started in 2009 thanks to two members of the committee and represents the awakening of our association face to the environmental issues. The hole team worked all the year to what would become a first time in Switzerland : a recruitment platform neutral in carbon and certified ISO 14 001.

The project was later combined with the ISO 9001 certification, a world-wide recognized standard that acknowledges the professionalism of the organisation as well as our constant wish to improve the quality of the services offered by the Forum EPFL. Thus it changed name to become “Forum Responsible”, a symbol of the high standards of the association.

This certification is the main goal of our gait. A complete review of how we operate. This type of management provides tools in order to determine the impacts of our activities,to assess these impacts and find solutions to reduce them.The ideal solutions are obviously not always feasible,but we have here to find a middle ground and to be consistent about our primary mission : to facilitate the integration of young graduates in the business world.

Environmental management is part of a continuous improvement process.Obtaining this certification demonstrates our commitment to improving our environmental performance in practice over time. With the assistance of Paolo Baracchini,Professor of Environmental Management, associate director of REME and QS&P officeconsulting engineer active in the field, that these objectives have been reached and that certification could be obtained.

Bilan CarboneThe environmental management system put in place according to this strandard has allowed us to better understand the impact of our activities. It became clear that the biggest impact was the greenhouse gas emissions due to transport, logistical operation and communications.

With the company Swiss Climate (www.swissclimate.ch), we made our own Carbon Footprint (Bilan Carbone).

Compensation Carbone

As this cannot be reduced we opted for compensation.

The scheme proposed consists of reducing CO2 emissions offsite to compensate for our own emissions so that the net impact is zero. This is made possible by sponsoring a sustainable development project in a developing country.