The lake Geneva region and more specifically the region of Lausanne hosts one of the most innovative hub in the world: The EPFL Innovation Park

Excellent infrastructures, as well as renown universities all gathered on the same campus offers a synergy for innovation and development of high quality.

The EPFL incentives students and entrepreneurs to create their start-up by providing equipment and offices of the highest standards to make them flourish.


The Innovation Park of EPFL (formerly called Science Park and Innovation Square) was therefor created in 1991 in the south part of campus, with the vision of creating an European Silicon Valley. It now hosts more than 140 start-ups and 15 large companies.

This will to promote innovation and entrepreneurs also affected the student association world. Start, ShARE, STIL or the Forum EPFL offer to all EPFL students the opportunity get involved in this exciting world by creating events and activities to help them start their new life as entrepreneurs.